body therapies

Remedial Sports Massage

is the most effective way to treat muscle injuries, pain and soreness. Treatment involves massaging the deep and superficial muscles bringing about pain relief and improvement in muscle function.


uses a more holistic approach to your massage. It involves working with essential oils that can help to soothe and revitalise your body. The essential oils are blended to suit the individual client and their condition.


is a holistic therapeutic treatment that is applied to the reflex areas of the hands and the feet to create a state of balance and harmony within your mind and body.

Indian Head Massage

involves massaging the head, neck, upper back and shoulders. Indian head massage helps to induce relaxation and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage is a totally relaxing and gentle massage therapy which can be carried out during all stages of your pregnancy.

On-Site Massage

the onsite massage can be booked for your workplace or for health promotion workshops.

Hot Stone Therapy

This massage uses smooth, flat and heated rocks placed at key points on the body. This relieves muscle tension and pain, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes sleep and relaxation.