The A.M.C. Pilates Massage Body Therapy Studio is a privately owned studio that offers 1:1 1:2 sessions in Pilates, Yoga, and Massage. The studio is unique in that it can offer you the opportunity to mix and match your sessions making it a more personal, tailored experience. This unique approach will enable you to work with me to focus on your individual needs throughout your sessions, offering continuity of training and treatment. You can begin to build your own training and body treatments by choosing from the following therapies and fitness regimes.

Studio Pilates Workouts

The original Studio Pilates equipment was designed and built by Joseph Pilates.  The AMC studio equipment has been designed and developed by Balanced Body™ based in California USA. The studio equipment is equipped with springs instead of weights and they can be used in two ways, one to strength the muscles of the body by providing resistance, and the other to provide assistance during more challenging moves or exercises. However the stronger you get the less spring assistance you’ll require. Working with springs will allow you to gain better control of your movements and build athletic strength and flexibility.

Introduction to Studio Pilates Equipment



The most popular piece of studio equipment, used in a variety of ways to exercise your whole body while you adjust the level of intensity to suit your fitness level.

Trapeze Table

A very versatile piece of equipment which allows me to design and deliver spring assisted exercises for the whole body.

Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barrel

Combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface, for strengthening and flexibility exercises.

High Low Chair

High, Low Combo Chair

Allows for rotational and alternating movements of the arms and legs.

Pilates Balls

Mat Pilates and small apparatus

Mat Pilates involves performing a repertoire of exercises using your body weight only. However the small pieces of equipment such as resistance bands, balls and rings can be introduced to enhance and challenge your workout.

Yoga Studio

The yoga studio is available for small classes of up to 4 people.